Author: Finley Amato

Hello fellow sweat enthusiasts! My name is Finley and I'm the General Manager over at MADabolic Inc, where we specialize in everyday strength and athleticism. With locations in both SouthEnd and Elizabeth, I have the pleasure of sharing my passion for movement and functional fitness with people from all corners of the Queen City. In addition to my love affair with strength training, I'm also a food enthusiast, plain and simple! My overall fascination with nutrition and its correlation with performance encouraged me legitimize my knowledge in the area and pursue a certification in Sports Nutrition. I love helping my clients break the restrictive diet mentality without compromising results and showing them just how sustainable and delicious proper nourishment can be!
Sep 04
The Turkish Get Up…One of the Most Complex and Beneficial Movement Patterns

The Turkish Get Up and I go way back. All the way back to 2015 when I learned how to…