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Ambassador Q+A: BRE SAPP

By: SweatNET Nashville

Introduce yourself- Give us your story!

    1. I’m a Florida girl living in the Nashville world with my hubby and our dog Buca girl. I’m very goal oriented, I enjoy adventure and challenges, and when I have an idea, I won’t stop until I achieve it… here’s the short version of what my life has looked like the past 30 years:

    2. Born in Buffalo, raised in Orlando, all-time tomboy playing basketball and lacrosse, went to undergrad at USF, became a pro athlete in women’s tackle football, went on tour with Auto Shows as the SRT Viper Spokesmodel, went to grad school at UCF, moved to KCMO to work with Cerner and where I met my now hubby, moved back to Tampa for my dream job at a top rated cancer hospital as a Cerner Systems Analyst II, got married, became a nationally qualified bikini body builder, became an indoor cycling coach, and this brings us to where I am today.

    3. Today, in Nashville, I just strive to be healthy and happy. A lot of change has happened recently, so I’m trying to focus on the now instead of what’s next to help reduce any stress, anxiety, and pressure that society has for a 30 year old woman.

What are your top 3 tips to staying in shape?

    1. 1. MOVEMENT and CONSISTENCY, move everyday!

    2. 2. PLAN, plan your workouts and meals for the week ahead!

    3. 3. COOK, instead of eating out, cook your favorites at home with fresh ingredients!

What are your favorite healthy snacks and healthy desserts?

    1. Protein shake: 1 handful of kale and spinach, frozen fruit of choice, 1 scoop of vegan chocolate protein, hemp seed, ice, almond milk, BOOM!

    2. Baked apple butter pie: preheat oven at 400, slice apple in half and scoop out center, lightly spray with spray coconut oil, bake for 15 minutes, add scoop of almond/peanut butter in center, top with a few mini chocolate chips or a dash of cinnamon, bake for another 15 min.

What is your go-to meal?

    • Breakfast wrap: 1 egg and egg whites, spinach and kale, avocado, everything bagel seasoning, franks hot sauce, all wrapped in a tortilla.

    • Lunch mexican bowl: Plain chicken, broccoli, rice, black beans, pico and avocado, drizzle of cilantro lime dressing.

  • Dinner teriyaki stir fry: Chicken marinated in Trader Joes Island Soyaki, frozen stir fry veggies, brown rice.

What is your morning and night routine?

    • Morning routine: Wash my face with Cetaphil daily facial cleanser and a cold washcloth, next, tone and moisturize with Hanskin hyaluron skin essence.

    • Night Routine: After I shower and before I towel off, I lotion up with grape seed oil, I put the excess on the ends of my hair, and I’ll add a drop of it under my eyes. Power up the diffuser filled with eucalyptus oils.

  1. Favorite wellness products? (beauty, workout, clothes, supplements, anything!)

    • Beauty: Per my night routine, grape seed oil cures all, haha! I also love using Peter Thomas Roth firm peeling gel once a week, and bliss holographic foil eye masks once a week.

    • Workout gear: Always repping my favs; TIEMathletic studio shoes, a pair of Lululemon biker shorts or leggings, a big scrunchy, AirPods, and my Spotify playlists.

  1. Favorite ways to workout? Favorite studios?

    • Right now, with quarantine living:

      • Mon/Wed/Fri: 30min at home workout that I create myself.

      • Tue/Thur: yoga or barre with NuPower Yoga + Barre

      • Sat: bike ride or a 2-4 mile jog.

      • Of course take Buca girl for a walk as much as possible.

    • Once studios open back up, you’ll find me at @HotBoxNashville, and I LOVE riding so I can’t wait to find a local cycling studio — super excited to check out @FullRideCycling!

Best life hack?

    • Shop in bulk, especially when your favs and staple items are on sale, like BOGO Publix GreenWise chicken or JIF peanut butter! I’m also a big Costco fan, so bulk shopping is very satisfying to me. With all the meat you buy in bulk, divvy it up in freezer bags, add marinade in each with different sauces/spices (I love Mrs. Dash seasoning, Trader Joes Island Soyaki and KC style BBQ), throw it in the freezer, every Sunday take out what you’ll cook for the week.

Book, podcast or resource you recommend? And why?

    • Ahh, I have a few podcasts and books, but I can’t say because it will give away a project I’m working on! So stay tuned and follow along with me!

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