Cleanses for the Healthiest 2020

By: SweatNET Indianapolis

Cleanses are all of the rage this time of year! New year- new you! And I want you to have the best info on how to cleanse your self correctly this year!

Cleanse yourself of the following:
⚡️Habits that don’t support your goals.
⚡️Expecting diets, restrictions and quick fixes to fix your problems. .
⚡️People who don’t lift you up! .
⚡️Social media accounts that cause you to compare instead of motivate you.
⚡️Not prioritizing yourself and your health. .
⚡️Pushing your goals farther away and not taking action!
So instead of investing in juice cleanses or detoxes to “improve” your life… evaluate what’s going well and what you what you could improve and take action this year.

Don’t keep repeating bad habits and unsupportive circumstances. Make the changes needed to get the changes that you want! 💥

So instead of the quick fix cleanses:
💚Create small changes that help improve your life! Maybe adding 1 veggie into your day, or moving 3 days a week, for example.
💚Have patience with yourself. Don’t do anything that feels too extreme or expect results too fast, leaving you feeling like a failure (probably hungry)
💚Speak less or avoid topics with those around you who don’t support or encourage your greatness! Open up space for the more positive interactions!
💚Cleanse out the social media if you see the page and compare… instead of a page that helps you learn or feel motivated. .
💚Most importantly, start taking actions on what you need and what makes you happy!

Make yourself a better partner, mom, friend, family member by cleansing the right way.

And don’t force yourself to drink a bunch of green sh!t to chase a feeling. The feeling comes from actions and meaningful support! 💕

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