Success Story

How Carl Took Back Control Of His Life

By: Nick Lancetti

Carl Brinkman’s CKO Success Story


I joined CKO in November of 2018 to take my life back. My lifestyle in the past decade led to prehypertension, sleep apnea, significant stress and life was starting to become a struggle. I decided in November that the time had come to make immediate changes, so I set a tough but simple goal of shedding 50 lbs by my 50th birthday in October #50for50.


Nick signed me up and helped me generate momentum, but I didn’t realize at the time exactly how my life was about to change. I followed CKO’s plan exactly as it was suggested. Not only did the weight come off, but the stress abated one punch at a time and my confidence in who I am also changed.


Things kicked into another gear when I joined a 5-week challenge to break out of a rut. The CKO team took a lot of time to analyze by exercise and nutrition habits and tailored a program just for me that I was able to follow at home and in the gym. They were supportive when they needed to, kicked me in the pants when they needed to, and the results were amazing.


Before the program, I thought I was eating healthy. With Linda’s encouragement, I changed my behaviors, began craving healthy options and turned that into lasting habits. Now, I feel so good with my healthy energy that I don’t look at junk food anymore.


The combination of the CKO workouts and nutritional support I received has given me energy that has helped me change not just my weight, but my entire lifestyle. I am a better husband, a better manager and I am more engaged with my family and friends.


So far, I have dropped 50 lbs in just 7 months, achieving my goal well ahead of schedule. Both my prehypertension and sleep apnea have reversed! While losing the weight to achieve my goal feels great, I know this is only the first phase of this journey. I am grateful for the support and community of CKO to help keep this progress moving forward. My CKO team works very hard to keep workouts varied and actively takes an interest my success. I am proud to be a part of this CKO family and I can’t wait for their help in setting my next goals. #50for50

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