Eating Habits

How to Make a Diet Become a Lifestyle

By: Stephanie Funderburk

Change your Whole Diet in One Day

Lose Weight Forever?

Stop eating sweets! Let’s cut dairy completely out of your diet! You drink soda? Not anymore! No bread! Don’t drink alcohol!

Does this sound like a diet you have tried before? Let me ask you this; did it last?


My guess is probably not. I’m not saying these changes in habits will not cause you to lose weight. They very well may, but in most cases they cause a yoyo affect. This is where you end up completely revamping your diet. You right away change all of your bad habits to good habits which causes you to lose weight. It starts out exciting, but then you all of a sudden shut down. Something happens where you “fall off” and then gain all of your weight back if not more. Months later you feel terrible and decide to “get back at it”; you revamp your diet again, lose weight, and then once again you “fall off”. The cycle just keeps repeating.


The reality is, it’s not realistic to completely cut out everything all at once. It’s important to live your life and enjoy certain foods, but still be healthy at the same time. The key is to do things in moderation. Focus on ONE habit at a time. Once you have one habit down, then add one more. Statics show that trying to change one behavior has over an 80% success rate, but once you add in two behaviors the success rate goes down to less than 35%!


 To change your eating habits, it’s important to first sit down and take a look at your diet. Write down what you do well. Then write down a list of things you could do better. Pick one of those things that will make the biggest difference and then come up with a plan to change it. There are many ways to change a habit. It doesn’t have to be, “stop eating this”. It could be adding in a new good habit that distracts you from the bad. Coming home from work and going for a short 5 minute walk could stop the habit of coming home from work and snacking on a bag of chips. After you have tackled that behavior and it doesn’t affect you anymore, then you move on to another one.


Changing your body composition takes time, but if you do it slowly it will be life changing.


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