Pure Barre – Barre with Beat Drops

By: SweatNET Seattle

Before I started SweatNET I had never been to Barre…ever!  Why? Like most, I had no idea if it was right for me, if I’d enjoy the lower impact, and to top it off, if I’d get a great workout.  I WAS WRONG!  Let’s just say when I visit the Queen Anne or Capitol Hill locations I call it the Shiva Shake. (Shiva is the owner of the QA and CH locations)


What’s Pure Barre?
Founded in 2001, Pure Barre is a total body, low impact, high intensity workout that will deliver big results if you stay consistent.

What makes Pure Barre different than other Barre modalities?
First, the music.  Pure Barre classes are driven by the beat of the music.  Tired in the morning? Need a post work day revival?  Head on over to Pure Barre! The music is loud, and the beat is for sure bumping!  I may or may not be found dancing when I’m in class.

They offer 4 different classes all designed to get your heart pumping, and sweat dripping!

Foundation: Great if you’ve never taken a class before.  This class will introduce you to the basic movements and get you comfortable with the Pure Barre way.

Classic: The technique that has been tried and true to Pure Barre!  You’ll be guided through the low-intensity and high interval guaranteed to leave your muscles burning!

Pure Empower: One word…Cardio! This class is designed to elevate your heart rate, wake up your metabolism, and build strength. Be prepared to use ankle weights and a plyometric platform.

Pure Reform: Inspired by resistance training, this is a total body workout designed to target, and shape major muscles groups…insert peach emoji!

What to expect, bring, wear, etc. for your first time:

Grip Socks: This is a must for class.  Grip socks do one of two things 1. They help your body retain heat 2. They stop you from slipping and sliding.  Don’t have grip socks? No sweat, every Pure Barre has grip socks for purchase in a variety of designs.

What to Wear:
Long pants, leggings, capris or something comfortable (no shorts) and a workout tank or tee.

What to Bring:
All you need is a water bottle, possibly a sweat towel, and yourself!  Pure Barre studios kindly ask you to leave your cell in the lobby so that you can focus on yourself for 60 minutes.  It’s actually kind of nice being disconnected for a minute or 60 in this day and age.

The Pure Barre community in the greater Seattle area is definitely one to check out.  The second you walk through the door you are greeted with smiles, and a staff eager to help you on your fitness journey!  SweatNET members be sure to take advantage of the exclusive drop-in deals at select Pure Barre locations in the Greater Seattle Area!

To learn more about Pure Barre be sure to head over to or check them out on Instagram @purebarresea and @purebarrewa .


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*Studio Information provided by Pure Barre website.

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