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Reid Livingston



Hi everyone, Reid here! I am a North Carolina native, and Charlotte has been home since July of 2017. Charlotte was love at first sight, and I have loved getting to know the fitness community better over the last 2 years. I first started working out as a sophomore in college, and since then it’s been a part of my morning routine and my favorite way to start the day, whether it’s a run, a cycle class at SkyCYCLE, or a strength workout. Most days you’ll see me working out at Cross Conditioning Training, which focuses on strength, mobility, and conditioning. I’m also a trainer there, so you can catch me on the schedule a few days per week. When I’m not working my 9-5 as a CPA or teaching workout classes, I love to do anything active or outside, whether it’s a walk on the greenway or playing tennis. I also love cooking, and going out to dinner with friends for a fun dinner somewhere in Charlotte.

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Cross Conditioning Training, Providence Road, Charlotte, NC, USA