Shifting From a Scarcity Mindset to an Abundant Mindset

By: SweatNET Tampa Bay

Shifting From a Scarcity Mindset to an Abundant Mindset

3 months ago, I left my Corporate job to follow my passion to teach Yoga. Although I loved my job (most days), I was in a constant struggle with feeling I had enough time. This thought pattern had me an anxious cycle of deciding between self-care and work. I wanted to have slow mornings to plan out my day, make breakfast, do yoga, but instead, I would wake up anxious, spending the 20 minutes I had to get to work by 8am. When I left my job, I did get slower mornings, but one thing didn’t change… the feeling I had enough time.

Fast forward to today, I still look at unfinished to-do lists as the end of the day, feeling as if I can’t accomplish everything because there isn’t enough time. After listening to a Podcost by one of my very favorites- Kara Loewentheil- it hit me: The thought of having enough time has NOTHING to do with the circumstance, and EVERYTHING to do with my mindset.

Thought work starts with recognizing the thoughts that consume your mind. For years, I’ve been looping a “not enough” mindset around having time, and it’s become a pattern ingrained in me. Rather then settle into this “belief”, I can choose to shift to a mindset of abundance.

This is relevant in all areas of our life. Money, Love, Time. We look at the infinite world around us, believing that there isn’t enough to go around, when truly, all can change with a simple energetic shift… with one thought.

Take a moment to recognize where you hold the belief of “not enough”. A lot of times, it’s not just in the external world, but we hold this belief within ourselves. Where we believe WE are not enough. Becoming aware will bring to light where we hold ourselves back, where we give up trying, where we allow the shadow of “not enough” to dim our light. . .

But, if we were to slow down

See the big picture

Maybe even bring in a little gratitude for what we do have…


Today, have gratitude for the blessing of TIME- and the will to spend it however you choose. Have gratitude for the LOVE that within you, and all those around you. Have gratitude for who you are, because you are ENOUGH.

Where do you struggle to find “enough”? Let’s work together on finding that SHIFT from a scarcity mindset to an abundant mindset. We’re all in this together!





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