Should I Be Taking Creatine?

By: SweatNET Indianapolis

I used to hate the way creatine made me feel — a little on the “puffy”’side. Honestly though…it was more my fugged up disordered eating & body image issues talking. ⁣

Many say women should not take creatine. Is it necessary? NO. But does it help with muscle growth, retention, energy, & recovery—YES! Especially if you do not consume ample protein in your diet.⁣

It’s one of the most researched & tested supplements out there. @cody.boomboom just did a whole podcast on it. CHECK IT!⁣

So what is it? ⁣

Creatine is a combination of amino acids. You get it in high protein foods like animal meats, by supplementation ( I use @xendurance ) or naturally by your body after consuming amino acids. ⁣

Your body uses ATP (Adenosine Tri Phosphate) to do pretty much everything. It uses carbs, protein & fat to create more ATP (energy).⁣

During intense, short duration exercise, your body begins getting its ATP from the Creatine Phosphate system. If you have a sufficient amount of creatine in your body, it will continue to generate energy. ⁣

Additional Creatine can give you an extra rep or a bit more time under tension which, when accumulated over time, can result in added muscle mass, strength & power. ⁣

In a fat loss cut & calorie deficit it has been shown to help retain lean muscle mass & fullness. Creatine helps pull water into the muscle to help with recovery & that pump 💪🏼. ⁣

I take mine in the evening, post workout, with a carb source for optimal uptake & utilization. I take 4g daily, not in conjunction with a caffeine source. ⁣

There is some research saying caffeine may blunt the effects of Creatine. ⁣

I used to take it in the morning, but then realized I was also having a caffeinated beverage therefore changed my routine to the evening. ⁣

Do you need to supplement with creatine? Absolutely not necessary. But if you’re training for hypertrophy, strength or power, or in a deficit, it can be helpful. ⁣

The choice is yours🤗


Katie Kelly

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