Should I Do a Detox?

By: SweatNET Indianapolis

Right now I’m taking some of my rockstar clients through a 7 day detox. No no, no celery was harmed in the partaking of this detox.⁣

First of all, I don’t believe there is such a thing as “detoxing” or going “on a detox”. Why? Let me explain. As long as you’re somewhat of a healthy individual (i.e. no liver disease), your body is ALWAYS detoxifying itself. If it wasn’t, then you would be dead.⁣

We come in contact with some many toxins in our daily lives:⁣

💄 Hygiene/beauty products: everything from our body washes and deodorants to the aesthetic beauty products we use.⁣

🥗 Food: Package processed foods have a high degree of chemicals, not to mention the herbicides and pesticides that laden our “real food”.⁣

🍶 Containers: Yes, all those containers we store food in and drink out of.⁣

These are just a few of the basics. We come into contact with about 80,000 toxins on a daily basis.⁣

I don’t tell you this to put you into freak out mode, but to just bring awareness. Awareness that we need to support our bodies natural process the best way we can! ⁣

This is why this week I’m leading/doing this more functional medicine detox. ⁣

There are two main (actually three total) detoxification pathways in our bodies. There are essential vitamins/minerals/nutrients that support this process.

Can we get these from foods? Absolutely! Best way to do that, eat the rainbow. Get as many colorful vibrant foods into your diet as possible. ⁣

Sometimes people’s toxic load on their system is overwhelming their body, and they might need a plan that includes these foods AND additional support. ⁣

The @equilibrium_nutrition 7 day detox is just one of those that can provide additional support! ⁣

I would love to talk to you more about how you can support your body through real food, and when necessary, these additional support medical type foods! 🤗

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