The Call Out Language of Animal Flow

As a dynamic and diverse practice, Animal Flow has a streamlined language that is used across the world so that there is no misunderstanding on what the student needs to do in a class. 

Communication is an important aspect to any class but is prevalent for Animal Flow as the instructor leads the group through warming up, drills, and the flow itself. This Call Out Language is related to one of the three types of flow. 


Call Out Flows are when the instructor calls out one move to the other for the student(s) to perform. It’s like a game of Simon Says or how your typical yoga class is structured. This makes up the majority of flows and are either beginner, intermediate, or advanced classes. These classes can be made up of Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3 moves, though a beginner class can use some Level 2 moves and even an intermediate class could use entirely Level 1 moves, Level 3 moves are restricted to advanced classes. 


Choreographed Flows are when a Call Out flow has been practiced enough that one or a group of people can perform the flow without someone calling out to them. Generally done in individual practice, but it’s an amazing sight to see when several people are moving in unison without saying a word to each other. 


Free Flow is what instructors do to create a flow to teach. This is in essence play, just moving the body intuitively to come up with unique ways to chain link movements and have fun playing around. 

It is important to note that the call-out language is descriptive, not creative. There is no guessing what you need to do, or no tricks pulled on you, just straight and simple commands. 

Every move is called out by the Direction -> Limb -> Command

With one exception in beginner classes, all of the call outs are related to the leg. A sample call out would be:

“Right leg underswicth”

“Left leg Beast reach”

“Right arm Crab reach”


For traveling forms, you will hear an additional cue:

“Forward Traveling Beast, 6 strides, right hand leads.”


It takes time to learn it at first but is far more accessible as a practice compared to yoga that uses creative names for the poses. There are no moves named like warrior 2 to exalted warrior to a vinyasa. 

A call out in Animal Flow can be as simple as: 

Right leg underswitch

Left leg underswitch

Right leg side kick through

Right leg full scorpion

Left leg jumping underswitch


Though yoga and Animal Flow have similar benefits, the former has a lot of feminine energy that creates an aversion for some people (even though it was a bunch of dudes who invented yoga). Animal Flow is a great compliment to anyone’s training style and some of the moves can be integrated into resistance or HIIT training and make you feel like a badass. 

If this sounds like what you need to improve your physicality then come join me for Animal Flow classes in Charlotte. Reach out at to get on the list for weekly classes.

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