Tip 8 of 10: Self-Care

By: Rebecca Gray

Treating yourself to self-care can have emotional and physical benefits. Simple small indulgences, like a manicure, massage or bubble bath can make you look and feel great. The time that you spend caring for yourself physically can reap huge mental and physical rewards. When you take care of yourself, you are respecting yourself and you want to be good to yourself in other ways. Ever notice how after a lavender bath you get a great night of sleep? Or lunch with friends leaves you with a happy heart? How good does it feel after completing a workout? It’s good for you to take some time for yourself each day.


Ways to nourish the body & soul:

-Be physically active – Movement lowers stress, boosts the mood, and elevates our energy level, not to

mention the heart health benefits.

– Meal prep – a big form of self-care that ensures you are filling up with whole foods

-Calm your mind – combat stress with meditation, yoga, or a warm bath.

-Get outside – there is something so calming about nature. Take a walk, sit in the sun, or garden for a dose of vitamin D and fresh air.

-Spend time the loved ones – what you nourish your body with is just as important as who you choose to nourish it with.


Benefits of self-care:

-Creating a healthy relationship with ourselves – Taking time to stop and do something we love, gives us the opportunity to check in with ourselves. How do we feel? How do we want to feel? Are we doing what we love?

-Cultivates positivity – positive feelings, which helps boosts confidence and self-esteem.

-You will be more productive and motivated – taking time out will leave you feeling refreshed and energized. So, you’ll have more energy to get the other important stuff done.

– Fight fatigue and illness – Neglecting self-care practices can lead to fatigue and illness. It also decreases our ability to support and look after those who are important to us

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