Tip 9 of 10: Empowered Eating

By: Rebecca Gray

The healthiest diet is an approach to eating that fuels your both physically and mentally. Eating empowered means listening—really listening—to your body and focusing on a variety of delicious, healthy foods you can have rather than what you can’t have. When you eat whole, nutrient-dense foods, you feel like the best version of yourself. You’re inspired to exercise, you sleep soundly, and you’re motivated to keep on eating well. The bottom line is All Foods Fit! Your food choices don’t ruin your life, they help your body feel alive again.


Eating Empowered Tips:

-Choose Color Over Calories -I’m talking about a diet rich in fruits and vegetables—like kale, cucumber, lentils, bananas, and cabbage These foods nourish your body, so you get the essential vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and antioxidants your body needs.

-Honor Your Hunger – tune in to your body’s hunger level. The goal is to feel “slightly hungry” to “satisfied” throughout the day, avoiding extremes.

-Fullness & Satisfaction – creating balanced meals and snacks based on whole foods – not leaving any food groups out so you can create meals and snacks that are filling.


Emotional eating can be spurred from so many different situations and emotions. While it is important to bring awareness to those emotions it’s also important to know there is no such thing as perfect eating. When emotional eating happens, honor it, try to eat as mindfully as possible, then move on with no guilt or shame.


Accepting Emotional Eating

-Positive affirmations – affirmations acknowledge the efforts you are making to improve

-Hunger Quotient – HQ scale 1 (stuffed) – 10 (starving) Check in with your HQ to determine is it true hunger or emotions? Try staying in an HQ of 4 – 6.

-Rewrite your rituals – create go-to strategies when you notice a pattern of emotional eating

-sipping chamomile tea

-going for a walk

-listen to music

-getting a manicure

-calling a friend

-taking a lavender bath

-practicing meditation
As a Holistic Health and Wellness Coach, I am passionate about guiding people to the resources they need to meet their individual wellness goals. Eating clean food, breathing deeply and moving intentionally throughout the day is the centerpiece of my personal health plan. I work with my clients to cultivate these habits into their lives. Through my studies in holistic nutrition and public health, I have learned it is not just about food and exercise. Yes, both are important, but family, spirituality, relationships, and your environment all matter too!

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