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Village Juice Co. Charlotte – Optimist Hall

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Welcome to Your Healthy Addiction



Who We Are
Village Juice Company delivers authentically fresh, delicious drinks and eats, embracing the value of a healthy lifestyle that emphasizes both taste and enjoyment. Village Juice Company has created a fun, comfortable environment for people to eat healthy, enjoy good food, and have access to the latest trends in the healthy eating industry. Village Juice Company is changing the way you experience healthy.



Why We Do What We Do
It is no secret that Americans are realizing the benefits of treating their body to healthy food and a plant based diet is the foundation. Although the Village Juice Company menu carries a variety of delicious meats and protein, an assortment of delicious fruits and vegetables are at the core of the dining experience. Minimally processed plant foods are richer in all of the “good things” your body loves, like fiber, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals. Plant-based diets are linked with a decreased risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, cancer, and other chronic diseases. As a result, Village Juice Company believes that the trend in the southeast is an increase in plant based diets and the company is strategically prepared to lead the industry.




We exist to make eating healthy taste as amazing as it is for you. We believe in clean food and raw juice — full of nutrients, free of artificial anything, Mother Earth approved. We believe real food doesn’t contain ingredients, it is ingredients. That’s why everything on our menu is pressed, squeezed, ground, pureed, mixed, chopped and crafted in-house. We believe superfoods make you feel superhuman. And everyone deserves to feel that way.


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Business Location

115 North Brevard Street, Suite 9, Charlotte, NC, USA