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What Workout is For You This Year?

By: SweatNET

2020 is approaching us so what better time than now to find the best workout for you?! Take our quiz to find out what workout best fits your personality.



Do you want to lose weight?

Are you self conscious?

How do you like your workout music?

What best describes your toughness?


How coordinated are you currently?

What kind of fighter are you?

I feel most accomplished when:

I hate

I care most about

I like to feel the

What Workout is For You?
Crossfit or Strength Training

Crossfit and Strength training are perfect matches for you. One of the greatest parts about any form of strength training studio is that you are able to pick your own weights and push yourself to wherever you want to go. Not only is this modality great for building muscles, but you will really start to pump some endorphins at the same time. The competitive side of you will be rewarded each time you set a new PR while your social needs are set for life as you’re about to be adopted into a second family. Check out some of the best Crossfit and Strength Studios and save a ton of money using the SweatNET deals here: SweatNET deals here

You knew you were going to get yoga before you even started this quiz. That is how enlightened you already are! Yoga is perfect for you and anyone who loves to experience the multitude of physical and mental benefits of the practice. Through the many forms and styles of Yoga, you can not only increase your flexibility, but also experience amazing changes to your body and mind. Whether you are coming from a place of love and peace already, or are struggling with anxiety or aggression, Yoga is a practice which will absolutely change your life (if it hasn’t already). We are home to an AMAZING yoga community. Save tons of money using your SweatNET membership while you try out some new yoga studios & events here
Personal Training

Are you surprised?! You could use the attention and dedication that a personal trainer will bring to every one of your training sessions. While traditionally personal training can be more expensive that larger group classes, the results would be dramatic for your personality! Finding an exercise that works for you and that you are comfortable with is very important. Personal training is built for you, customized to you, and it is right for you. Many SweatNET studios have instructors who offer personal training. Additionally there are many studios that now offer SMALL-Group training. Where you get nearly the same amount of attention for a fraction of the price! Find local instructors and trainers here!

There are few exercises or studios that start you off at full speed, and make you finish at full speed. Cycling is one of those. Indoor cycling (and now indoor running) are perfect options for you because of the ambience, safety, simplicity, and efficacy of the workout. If you want a guaranteed cardio burn, without any extra attention on you, you found it here. No need to worry about extra form or a whole bunch of equipment and moves. If you can sit, you can cycle. Low (no) impact movements are excellent on your joints and the music is guaranteed to make you feel it. Want our advice? Try a few cycle studios before you buy your class packs or membership! There are so many amazing cycle studios in our city (each with amazing SweatNET benefits) and every single one has its own unique vibe. Make sure it matches what you’re looking for. Check them out here!

Kickboxing is one of those exercises that can be structured for anybody with any goal. Does that mean you are basic??? We didn’t say that… What it does mean is that you can get an insane cardio workout while you are building serious muscle definition. You may not know it yet but punching inanimate objects will bring you great joy and stress relief in your hectic life. Why keep all of that inside of you when you can release it on the bag. No, you’re not going to ever get punched, no, you’re not going to get hurt. Yes, you will get to feel like a badass and imagine that you are actually in the ring. We have some kick-ass kickboxing studios that you can save big moola on with SweatNET. Check them out here!

club pilates matthews

Right now you are either saying: “I am NOT a 40 year-old mom…how did I get pilates??” or you are saying “Dang, I am a 40 year-old mom…how did it know?” Either way, your stereotype of Pilates is WRONNGGGG. Well, we mean, yeah 40 year old moms might do it because they want a low impact high-core focused workout. But even if you’re a 20 year old athlete, Pilates will always be one of the most humbling and beneficial cross-training exercises available. Do you want abs? Pilates. Do you want a butt? Pilates. Do you want to not worry about high impact movements while still burning your muscles? Yeah you guessed it. Pilates. So instead of sitting here trying to rationalize why an internet quiz is wrong about you, why not try a Pilates class or two? Then tell us we’re wrong. There are plenty of Pilates places perfectly placed around the city. Check out the SweatNET pilates studios here and save!

BET YA DIDN’T SEE THAT COMING! Yeah. Swimming! Its actually really really really reeeeeally good for you. There are a lot of great pools around Charlotte. SweatNET does not partner with any of them because their deals are already GREAT. But, if you’re looking to have a guaranteed FULL BODY workout and some mental peace at the same time you should look into buying a suit and going for a dip. Use our live chat feature and we can help you get started into the sport if you are truly interested!

What is wrong with you? How is running…RUNNING the right fitness for ANYONE? Well…You only have two options. Refresh this page and take the quiz again and try to do a better job (because nobody should like running) or check out some studios that make the lonely masochist sport of running into an actually fun, rewarding, inspiring and…dare we say… unique group fitness experience. All joking aside, running is good for your health. There are tons of run clubs around town (most are free and you even get a beer after you run). The only downside? Running can be really bad for your knees if you don’t have the right shoes. Go to a running shoe store and they will be glad to help you out. You can check out those places under the running or shopping category on our website!


If yoga, and dance had a baby, and then Pilates and HIIT had a baby, and then those two babies met as adults and made babies…That is what Barre is. Barre is a fusion of low impact exercises that focus on small isometric movements which BURN YOUR MUSCLES TO SHREDS. Barre classes are made in such a way that they turn a 3lb weight into one of the heaviest objects known to man….And this is why it is perfect for you. Barre is going to improve your strength, endurance, flexibility and cardio performance at the same time. Be sure to put you ego at the door though, because Barre will humble ANY athlete. Prepare to shake. There is a big variety of Barre classes. Use the live chat to ask us about which could be great for you! Check out the SweatNET Barre studios here and save big on Barre!

jam clt

You’ve got the music in you. Let’s be real with eachother. You knew you were going to get dance. You do it everywhere. You can’t control that wiggle. Maybe instead of shimmying in the shower you can shake it to a dance class around town. Check out the SweatNET Dance studios here and save!

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