Why I Ride Inside: Lunar Cycle Owners Share Their Stories

By: SweatNET Grand Rapids

I love hearing stories about how indoor cycling has been a life changer (even a life saver)!  Read on for two such stories from the owners and co-founders of Lunar Cycle, a new boutique indoor cycle studio set to open in Grand Rapids next month (January 2020).  If you follow most posts here…you should already know about Lunar Cycle, but keep reading and you’ll learn how indoor cycling has made such an impact on these local fitness entrepreneurs.

Shelby Reno & Sara Grey
Co-founders of Lunar Cycle Indoor Cycle Studio

Meet Shelby Reno

Growing up in rural Idaho, my childhood bicycles were essential to getting around. I remember riding my bike several times to the next town six miles through the alfalfa, potato, and hop fields, something we wouldn’t let 12-year-olds do today! My bike liberated me to neighboring towns and friends’ houses throughout my youth. My love for a good mountain bike continued through a careless period in college, too, and on into social riding with friends to gravel and trail racing around Michigan most recently.

I taught my first cycling class years after I became a group fitness instructor. It quickly became an absolute favorite to teach. The dark room and loud music exhilarated me. Like teaching kickboxing, which has less than a dozen strikes, cycling on a stationary bike doesn’t offer a lot of new tricks, yet every workout feels unique. I am excited to bring the beats and the people and ride as one at LUNAR!

You can connect with Shelby via IG, FB, LinkedIn and Twitter…or just take a class with her at Lunar Cycle. Shelby also owns the Grand Rapids CKO Kickboxing Studio and works in Commercial Real Estate.

Meet Sara Grey

I fell in love with cycling after a knee/back injury benched me from running. For years I relied on running not just for physical fitness but also stress management. Because my life is bananas! When I struggled to run, I struggled to handle. One day I was pulling at my hair in a mental meltdown as Blair Lachman dropped me off at work. B said, “Be here at 11:45am. I have an idea.” That hunk grabbed me a pair of cycling shoes and picked me up on time. He drove me to the gym as a cycling class was starting. I came out of it, totally refreshed and smiling. I was hooked.

All these years later, I still love cycling. The music. The meditative headspace with a sweaty, calorie-torching workout. The rhythmic movement of the pack. I cannot wait to share our fresh formats and playlists. I’m teaching Tuesday mornings and Thursday morning / evening on rotation. My classes include CYCLE HIIT, MOONBEATS, and CYCLE HYPNOS. Ride with me!

You can also connect with Sara via IG, FB or LinkedIn. Sara is also a Commercial Litigation Attorney with a West Michigan-based law firm.

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