Why You Must Try Buti at Kula Yoga!

By: SweatNET Grand Rapids

If you haven’t taken a class at Kula Yoga or have been wondering about their class offerings, then you need to try one ASAP because not only is the studio adorable, beautiful, lively, and welcoming— but they offer a variety of classes so you can easily mix up your routine. Drop-in for just $14 and SweatNET Members save 10% on a 10 class pack!

This morning, I tried Buti Hotcore + Flow for the first time with Danea Mather and it was absolutely incredible + a great way to kick off the weekend. Not only is Danea a motivating, passionate instructor, she’s incredibly personable and down to earth. Her higher intensity Buti classes are always fun, powerful, and invigorating. She moves with you the entire time & her energy is through the roof!! 

Danea Mather, Kula Yoga

The Hotcore + Buti class was more intimate, slightly heated, and we got started with some intense, interval based core strength work. Expect planks and body weight exercises that will fire up your core and make you sweat! The sequences were really challenging and we engaged every. single. muscle (aka this class is no walk in the park). We moved to pumping Buti beats which is overall just freeing and allows you to get out of your head. Buti always makes me feel more liberated, soulful, and relaxed.

After the core section, we transitioned to a low-impact, Buti style yoga without the high-intensity cardio and plymometrics. Finally, Danea wrapped up the class with some stretching and mindfulness. Overall, I LOVED the class. Afterward, I felt grounded, genuinely appreciated the group dynamic, the different elements throughout, and the uniqueness of the class format. I can’t emphasize or say enough good things about Danea —we are lucky to have her in Grand Rapids!

Head over to Kula’s website and try out Buti with Danea or some of the other class offerings with their amazing staff, including vinyasa, yin, slow flow, Buti bands + flow, Buti DEEP, AromaYin, and more!  They also have an upcoming winter retreat that looks PHENOMENAL (complete with yoga classes, mini-workshops, beach bonfires, meditation, snowshoe and cross country trails, delicious food, hot tub hang outs, and community)—so if you’re in need of some self-care and a little getaway, definitely check it out!

All photos courtesy of Leigh Ann Cobb Photography

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