Race has ended!

This race might have ended but our virtual running has not! Join us for the 6FT10K – double the miles, double the fun. Learn more here.

- 6FT5K -

Join the largest 5K with virtual pacers.


Virtual Experience

This doesn’t mean just run by yourself. You will be provided with a digital mp3 file to play along with you for the duration of your run to get the FULL 5K experience.

Run United

We hate that we can’t be physically together right now and we need to do our best to keep our community safe. Run “together” while safely apart from others and crowds. 

Support Charity

The Feeding America network is the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization. Their work right now is even more important with the closure of many school lunch programs.

Real Swag

We’re not looking for a handout (ok you can do that too), we are giving you real race medals, comfortable clothing and a virtual training and race library!



Sign up and submit your race time anytime between April 15th and April 30th. 

Listen for yourself

This is not your grandfather’s virtual 5K (since we all know he was doing those). This is a fully (optional) IMMERSIVE experience. Pick your pace group, download the mp3 file and press play. You will feel like we are all running together.  

Pay It Forward

100% of the proceeds from this event will be donated to Feeding America. This charity has been feeding hungry American children prior to COVID-19 and they are even more important right now as children are without school lunch programs. 

Try It On

The 6FT5K will have two shirt options and a medal option available in different race packages! If you just want to run, you can join the race for as little as a $5.00 donation. If you’re a SweatNET member, we will make that donation for you!  100% of proceeds go to charity.

Race Results

We are keeping track! Although this is not a Boston qualifier we want to see your name  on the leaderboard! Podium and age-group awards will be awarded after the race is concluded to top finishers. Final time and evidence must be submitted to qualify.  

Use The Tag #6FT5K

Since we don’t have race-route photographers, this is where we need your help! For this entire month we want to see you run! Use the hashtag #6FT5K on instagram and get reposted to our race gallery! Let’s see those strides! 

Run Anywhere. Stay Apart.

All we care about is that you run your best 5K ever and do so safely! Please for the love of all that is good in the world, stay away from people! Stay MORE than 6ft away from others (especially if you are running behind someone). This race has NO route and will take place all across the world. Find your 5K and make it happen!

Any Trail

Most trails will post their distances online. Map it out and get running!

Any Loop

Neighborhoods are great for running too. If you don't have a smart-watch, go for a quick drive around your neighborhood and watch the odometer.

Any Treadmill

Nothing wrong with the treadmill that may be collecting dust! Put that motor to use!

Our Awesome Partners

These amazing companies have contributed generously to the 6FT5K

Do you have a big heart?

We’re not looking for sponsors but you are interested in donating toward the reward pool for runners, we’d love to talk! No pressure as we understand this is a difficult time for everyone right now. If you are interested, email Erin here or shoot us a DM on Instagram.

It's Time To Shine

Let’s get moving. Sign up. Stay 6ft away. Stay Safe. All for a good cause.