Experience Corporate Wellness Done Right

Here at SweatNET Corporate Wellness, we help you lead your employees to a healthier lifestyle through a custom build wellness program tailored to the culture and needs of your workforce. Our number one goal is to improve the overall well being of your employees, in turn increasing productivity, decreasing sick days and ultimately providing you with health insurance savings. 

1 %
Of americans are overweight
1 %
More is spent on healthcare due to weight
$ 1
Avg. savings per $1 spent on employee wellness
1 %
+ avg reduction in absenteeism

Our services

Private Curated Events

Enjoy private onsite lunch and learns and/or onsite fitness events such as yoga, meditation, pilates, deep stretching, boot camp, and more hosted just for your employees

Biometric Screenings

Whether you are looking for a quick, non-invasive body composition test for your employees or a 7 page functional medicine lab test or anything in between, we got you covered!

Wellness Newsletters

Each week your employees will receive a wellness newsletter with easily digestible, cutting edge wellness advice covering topics such as nutrition, fitness, stress, sleep, mental health, recipes and much more!

SweatNET Access

Your employees will be able to take advantage of our network receiving discounts at over 200 fitness studios, healthy restaurants and coffee shops! They are also able to attend any of our 4-6 free fitness events hosted in the community each month.

Streaming Media Library

Our library becomes yours. SweatNET is always actively recording new meditations, and fitness classes. All of these classes and content becomes instantly available for your employees to access in the office or anywhere.

Grocery Store Tours

Employees are invited to tour local grocery stores with a nutrition coach to help them better navigate through the jungle of processed foods and learn how to make the healthiest choices for them and their families.

Individual Health Coaching

Employees can sign up for a confidential 30 minute individual wellness coaching session with a nutrition coach to discuss their personal wellness goals.

Wellness Challenges

Let us set up and facilitate intra-office wellness challenges. We offer a variety of challenges including fitness challenges, step challenges, nutrition challenges and more! These are a great way to build office camaraderie and increase engagement in the program.

Who is it for?

SweatNET Corporate Wellness is for any company of any size that wants to make a positive impact in the health of their employees. We work with management teams, wellness committees and/or your human resources director to build the perfect wellness program for your company!

Michelle Norris

Dir. Corporate Wellness

Michelle has a degree in Exercise and Sport Science from UNC Chapel Hill. She has spent the last 5 years in corporate wellness. She is a certified level 1 nutrition coach through Precision Nutrition and level 1 CrossFit coach. 

Dr. Michael Gallagher MD

Medical Advisor

Dr. Michael Gallagher, MD is an internal medicine specialist and has been practicing for 40 years in Wisconsin and North Carolina. He graduated from Loyola U, School Of Medicine in 1979 and specializes in internal medicine.

We help you design the life your employees want.

“Nobody wants to be unhealthy. No one is trying to be overweight. It is just a thing that happens when people are not given the right tools for success. As a result, people slow down and lack energy to get through the day. This has a real impact on not only an individuals quality of work…but their quality of LIFE. Your employees want to be healthy. You should want that too.”

Build Your Own Wellness Program

Do you have a workforce intimidated by fitness and new to the wellness world? We got you covered. Do you have a workforce full of workout junkies and green smoothie drinking gurus? We got you covered. Here at SweatNET Corporate Wellness we believe in helping you create a custom wellness program designed around the needs of your employees and culture of your business. 

No matter which corporate wellness offerings you choose for your employees, all of your employees will have the ability to take advantage of all of the benefits of being a SweatNET member. 

How It Works

We will work with your human resources director, benefits director, wellness committee and/or management team to put together your custom wellness program. You can pick and choose the offerings that are best suited for your needs and based on the program you design and your number of employees, pricing will vary.We also can work with your health insurance broker regarding these incentives and any wellness credits you might qualify for to help cover the cost of the program!

Programs as low as $0.99 per employee

We work with you to make the perfect package for your organization. Receive price breaks for every 10 employees enrolled in the program starting at $6.99/mo for corporate packaging. 

Working hours

Monday - Sunday: 8:00a - 9:30p
Phone: 704-728-1628 We are always here for you! Give us a call or use the live chat in the bottom right corner of your screen!

We are here

SweatNET Corporate Wellness Headquarters is located in Charlotte NC with local offices in Nashville, Tampa Bay, Grand Rapids, Seattle, Greenville, Columbus, and Pittsburgh. Programming, education, training and policies are implemented within your individual city to give you true local support and interaction.