SweatNET Affiliate Network

Refer and Earn

Save instantly with the SweatNET affiliate network that actually pays you to promote the benefits of your business. 

Unlimited Earning

Get Paid when your clients participate

Earn every time your clients participate in SweatNET events. The more active your members are the more you earn. 

Automatic Management

Your credits are applied for you

If you are already on a marketing level of service from SweatNET, we will automatically apply your referral credits to your account for your next billing period. If you’re not yet on a subscription, we will save your credits to be redeemed via individual photo or video shoots or other services. 

Lifetime & Recurring Referrals

Any member you refer to SweatNET is tied to you for life. This means EVERY transaction that they make on SweatNET will be credited to you! A SweatNET membership is a recurring subscription, and you will earn credits for every subscription renewal from your referrals – not just sign up credits!

Solving a lot more than just money

Put Your Mind at Ease

Easy Referral Links

Refer to SweatNET with simple links that can be applied to ANY page or piece of content

Simple Reports

See exactly how you are performing and view all of your current referred members.

Earn Up to 3x Per Referral

Earning is instant and often multiplied when your clients sign up with additional items!

Automatic Applications

No additional payments or processing needed. We automatically apply the credit.

Refer From Your Site

Set it and forget it and take credit for any incoming traffic that originates from your website.

Refer Via Shared Content

Apply your referral code to any content that you share on SweatNET and get credit from our traffic!

Members Referred
$ 1

Let your members make friends for you

Increase your studio memberships

The best thing about your studio is the community of people you have built. One of the best ways to bring NEW people into your community is sending your members out into ours. When members attend SweatNET events they will meet new like-minded people who may not have found their fitness “home” yet. What happens next is them coming back to your studio with their new friends and you have new clients. 

sweatnet solstice yoga

Timothy Powell

CycleBar member

“I am a Cyclebar fanatic. I’ve tried other cycling studios but this is my jam. SweatNET allows me to cross-train in some way that I would have never tried otherwise. Now my numbers in the cycle studio really been improving!” 

Lisa R. Boone

Corepower Yoga Member

“I’ve been dying to get my boyfriend to come workout with me.  Since we joined SweatNET we both now have done several of the events together and I even convinced him to take a Hot Power Flow with me! 

The Unexpected Benefit

Cross Training prevents burnout & Increases Client Retention

We want your members to stay your members. Giving them the occasional variety of SweatNET events will keep them motivated and strong. No matter what type of studio, SweatNET has the complementary offerings to round out your members routines. Cross training is important. Rest and stretch are critical. And adding in strength or durability is good for everyone. Now your studio can give it all to your members without scaring them out of their monthly plans.


Oh…and don’t forget all of the recovery, wellness, and food businesses that your members can now get sweet deals at!

Regular Rates & Bonus Per Referral

2020 Payout Rates

Member Referral / Signup: $1.00

Member Ticket Purchase: $0.50

Member Subscription Renewal: $0.50

Featured Event Referral*: $2.00

* SweatNET frequently hosts featured events. When these events occur any referral made OR transaction made by a previously referred member will be counted at the “Featured Event Referral Rate”.

Some of our top affiliates

They Believe In Us

Becoming an affiliate does not need to be scary. In fact your clients, friends and members will appreciate the added

benefits that SweatNET brings to their health and wellness lifestyle. 

Are you Ready to Earn and return?

Give back to your members by referring them to the sweatNET lifestyle.

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