Welcome 2022 SweatNET Charlotte Ambassadors

Leaders in Fitness & Wellness

The Ambassadors at SweatNET embody everything we love and stand for: community, showing local love, being active, and living well!  Through the SweatNET ambassador program, you can join fun & unique fitness events throughout the city, interact with like-minded fitness fanatics, connect with other ambassadors at exclusive meet-ups, and get extra perks/ discounts at awesome local businesses!

Helping others Find Fitness

What does it mean to be an ambassador?

Our community is looking to find their fit. They need people like you to help them feel comfortable in the fitness & wellness space. This is more than social media sharing or posting a workout selfie, it’s about being a beacon to change peoples lives.

Being an ambassador is all about connection. We want to connect people to you. We want to amplify your presence so you can continue to do the amazing things you’re already doing with even more of an impact.

Additionally, you’ll attend exclusive events created for ambassadors, have first access to special deals & discounts with a variety of health, fitness, and wellness businesses, and studio partner deals every month that can’t be beat.

Ambassador Perks

Save instantly with the SweatNET affiliate network that actually pays you to promote the benefits of your business.  Get credit for each referral you make…for life. 

Private Photo Shoots

As an ambassador you earn a FREE (private) photoshoot with SweatNET after 6 months of activity. Additionally whenever you refer 6 active members you earn additional photo shoots. $250 value per shoot. 

Share Content For Free

Get featured for free on SweatNET. Sharing content to SweatNET costs $100 per blog post or event listing and this is absolutely FREE for ambassadors. 

Earn Credits Redeemable For Services

Participating in the Affiliate Program tracks your referrals and also gives you “store credit”. This credit can be redeemed on SweatNET for events, merchandise or services like photoshoots. 

Access Ambassador Only Events

Be part of the family and get invited to our private Ambassador only events. These are generally fun social outings that can be anything from bowling to bars and community service to scavenger hunts. We like to mix it up and keep you entertained.

25% ADDITIONAL Off Everything SweatNET

Who doesn’t like saving? 

Free Newsletter Features

Our newsletter is here for you. A $250 value per newsletter feature is available exclusively for ambassadors for FREE. 

Are you ready to make an impact?

We don’t need you to be any different. We just need you open to:

  1.   Make new friends
  2.  Be a resource to people with questions
  3.  Share SweatNET when relevant
  4.  Become a SweatNET members (free code included)

Refer and Save

Save instantly with the SweatNET affiliate network that actually pays you to promote the benefits of your business.  Get credit for each referral you make…for life. 

Lifetime Referrals

Any member you refer to SweatNET is tied to you for life. This means EVERY transaction that they make on SweatNET will be credited to you! A SweatNET membership is a recurring subscription, and you will earn credits for every subscription renewal from your referrals – not just sign up credits!

Lauren McAbee

Creator Chakti Yoga

Jaimis Huff

Creator Solstice Yoga

Become a Featured Ambassador

Refer 50 Members

2022 Referral Bonus

Member Referral / Signup: $1.00

Member Ticket Purchase: $0.50

Member Subscription Renewal: $0.50

Featured Event Referral*: $2.00

* SweatNET frequently hosts featured events. When these events occur any referral made OR transaction made by a previously referred member will be counted at the “Featured Event Referral Rate”.

Complete the Onboarding

1. Membership Requisite

SweatNET Ambassadors are required to be members. So first things first, you must be a member of SweatNET! We want you familiar with our platform and understand the benefits and how to use it! You can’t do this from the outside looking in. Additionally, becoming a member creates your initial profile with us. Remember to use code “AMBFREE” to get your first 2 months for free

2. Create Profile

Please fill out a ambassador profile listing. This will get you listed on our ambassadors tab of the website along with registering you in our system! 

3. Begin Sharing

We want you to begin sharing events, and creating content to share to the SweatNET communities as soon as you are ready. If you have any questions, please reach out to us! Navigate to the affiliate landing page to access your referral codes to get credits for your referrals.  Remember, your referrals are ONLY tracked when shared through the affiliate system. SweatNET will NOT manually add referrals.