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Business Onboarding


Howdy friends! We are excited that you are part of this amazing community. Onboarding with SweatNET is easy. Please follow the steps below. If you have any issues or questions, please use the live chat in the bottom right corner and we can help you through the process. Note: No payments or commitment are required for the onboarding. All businesses and partners are onboarded equally. If you are signing up for additional services that will be done separately. 

erin run

Step 1.
Create a user account + snag your FREE package.

We HOPE to have met with you first. If you’ve found this page, odds are we have. If not, it is really really beneficial to grab a juice or coffee with us before onboarding. We need to get you a username and password so you can log back in and manage your business. This can be done simply by “checking out” with our basic listing package. NOTE : This package is FREE for you. Use the code “sweatnetstudio” and you will NOT be required to enter any payment information. 

Step 2.
Create or claim your business listing

If your business has an existing listing on SweatNET and you want to take control of it or make changes, please complete step 1 and then find the “Claim Listing” button on your existing business page. For most new businesses, we will need to collect your information from you! Again, make sure you are still logged in after completing step 1 and then follow the link below and complete the onboarding information: NOTE: You are not committing to any payment or transaction in this form. It is completely informational.

Step 3.
Welcome to the family

It typically takes us 12-24 hours to review each listing and create the coupons.You will get an additional notification from us once this is complete.  Now you are part of the SweatNET family. We want you to continue to share your events by pressing “post a drop”. DO NOT FORGET to set us a co-host on facebook!! This helps you reach a much larger audience. Please reach out to us at any time for questions, help, or just for coffee! We are excited to have you!

Step 4. (Optional)
Sign up for Additional Services

If you want to take advantage of some of our additional marketing services now is the time! Each city has its own private pricing and offerings for business partners. If you have not been provided a link to a list of the additional services please use the live-chat in the bottom right and we can get it to you!