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How much does Sweatnet cost?

A membership to SweatNET is $9.95/mo. That is less than the cost of a single ticket to most of the events. 

How long is the commitment?

There is absolutely 0 commitment to become a member of SweatNET. You can cancel at any time without any penalty or fees. 

How much can I save?

I depends on how many events you attend! Most members are saving over $30 per month by taking advantage of our member exclusive event prices and partners deals / discounts. 

How do I know I will like it?

SweatNET is proud of the variety of options it offers. We cant guarantee you will like EVERYTHING, but our primary goal is to help you find something you love. 

Are all of the events free?

Explore the events page to see all of our upcoming events in your city. Most of the events hosted by “SweatNET” are 100% free for members. Our partner businesses also share their events with us and typically offer great discounts exclusive to SweatNET members. 

Can I be listed on SweatnET?

Absolutely! We are here to share everyone’s passion. We love meeting with businesses in person prior to on-boarding so we can learn how we can help you promote on our platform. If you are an individual and want to share content, simply contact us and we will be in touch!