10-minute CoolFacial™ Experience

10-minute CoolFacial™ Experience

Brontë is a 28-year-old woman who after switching to a different medication, noticed her skin becoming increasingly sensitive until she began living in what she calls, “a perpetual state of sunburn” because her skin is always so inflamed.

After several visits over the last three years to dermatologists, she decided to try cryotherapy.  Her fiancé is a member and brought her in to try localized cryotherapy, just to see if it could help.  After her first visit, where she only received about 3 minutes over her forehead and eyelids, she noticed that her forehead was a few shades lighter than the rest of her face.  She was sold.  The team at the NW Cryotherapy Institute had her come in for 5 sessions within 10 days for the full 10-minute CoolFacial™.

Results (her exact words and taken from the same day as her services):

Post-treatment #1:
“I definitely noticed a difference right as I got into my car. Usually, I have to be careful when applying my makeup because of how inflamed and puffy my skin is but it went on like butter. I did notice draining halfway through my shift, but that’s a small price to pay! When I got home and showered it was easier to get my makeup off as well. When I got out, my cheeks were more pink than red and there were even white patches!!”

Post-treatment #2:

“It’s weird, I actually Think for some reason it’s helping keep my makeup in place. Usually, my makeup after a work shift is stained orange. The last few days it’s been mostly white! Weird side effect but I’ll take it.  You saw it today, but it’s definitely less red in a lot of areas. I’M SO EXCITED.”

Post-treatment #3:

“I would Like to add that my skin is not as dry as I thought it would be. You can see certain spots that are red instead of the all over that it used to be. I’m excited to see what more facials will bring!”

Post-treatment #4:

“I think you’re onto something with the oil production. My cysts are definitely flatter and my acne is a LOT better.”

Post-treatment #5:
“I think It’s more the texture of my skin improved rapidly from these five days of Cryo. The redness is definitely way down, but my overall face’s texture is way better.”

To learn more about the CoolFacial™ head to the NW Cryotherapy Institute website by clicking here.