3 Keys to Results

3 Keys to Results

Here is your guide to 3 main keys to seeing and feeling results towards your fitness goals as told by Activ Trainer and SweatNET Ambassador, Ally Hillegass.

What is your WHY? Why did you start getting active? My “why” was (and still is 6 years later), simple, stress relief. I love the adrenaline of my favorite music blasting through my headphones, and feeling my best and strongest during and after my workouts.

 Ultimately, WHY do we workout? I think we can all agree we want RESULTS. We might want physical results for “hot girl/guy summer,” to gain muscle, or lose unwanted fat. We might want psychological  results to relieve stress or get rid of negative energy. We might want to be overall healthier. Those desired results look different for everybody, but we ultimately all want RESULTS. 

What if I told you you only need 3 things to get those results? Training, nutrition, and community. As a trainer at Activ Fitness, I get to be part of a results driven gym based on those three pillars so that our members and clients get their desired results based on their individual needs. 

Key #1: Training

This is the key where most of us start. Whether that training is strength, cardio, cycling,  zumba, yoga, etc, we usually start with training. There are so many programs and techniques on the internet, but how do you know which one to trust to give you your desired results? Better yet, how do you use equipment and machines effectively when you walk into a gym for the first time? 

Activ’s modern facility and most up-to-date equipment provides opportunity for members to reach their fitness goals. Activ pairs the open gym with group training sessions coached by some of the most knowledgeable trainers in the Charlotte area who are continuously researching new techniques  and methods to help their members and clients reach their full potential. The classes are broken down into full-body Ascent Burn and Ascent Build throughout the week, and a lower body/glute focused workout at 9:30am on Saturdays. 

Ascent Burn is a 50-minute full-body HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout specifically designed to get your heartrate up and get you torching fat while preserving muscle. 

Ascent Build is a 50-minute full-body workout that slows down the pace with a focus on strengthening the stabilizing muscles to provide members with a functional physique. 

For a more personal plan, members also have availability to personal training sessions with the Activ trainers. You have the opportunity to sit down with a trainer to discuss your goals and desired results, and develop a training plan based on those personal goals. But will simply training get you your desired results?


Key #2: Nutrition

The second key to getting results is nutrition. Did you know 80% of results come from nutrition? In addition to availability to experienced personal trainers, Activ’s detailed nutrition programming along with supplement guidance from certified nutritionists helps members reach their goals as fast as possible. 

In addition to complete nutritional and supplemental guidance, Activ has teamed up with Project Lean Nation to offer ready made meals to make staying healthy as simple as possible. Members have the ability to choose from a variety of grab-and-go meals for all shapes, sizes, and dietary preferences or sign up for a monthly meal-prep subscription to make following their diet a breeze! 

Key #3: Community

The third (and final) key to getting your desired results is community. Did you know working out with friends increases goal successes by 42%? What keeps you going? You’ve gotten that initial motivation to get into the gym, but what or who is going to continue to motivate you to keep going?  Who is going to hold you accountable? 

The Activ team strives to give our members a truly personalized experience where you know all of the trainers and the trainers know you by name. We take our time to treat everybody as individuals and help reach your fitness goals. We do this through our personalized Group Training sessions in addition to monthly social events inside and outside the club walls including Top Golf, Charlotte Knights baseball games, lake days, brewery visits, and more! The group training sessions, and social events provide opportunities to meet and build relationships with others in the Charlotte/Huntersville fitness community who motivate each other, and make working out fun! We also strive to give back to the community by working together throughout the year to help various charities and underprivileged causes. At the end of the day, our goal is to make our community better in any way we can.

Ultimately, if you have these 3 keys, and are consistent in all three areas, you will earn your desired results. After getting more into fitness in the past six years, I have had my fair share of plateaus. What has kept me going? The people I surround myself with who are also interested in fitness, and who motivate me to keep going. More recently, the community at Activ has kept me going. I knew when I went to my first class there, I wanted to not only be part of the Activ community, but part of their training team. I loved the energy they brought to the gym and the classes.  It makes me excited to workout and be there. I have loved getting to know the members I train already, and look forward to helping those ahead reach their desired RESULTS, as we officially hold our grand opening April 30th! I’ll see y’all there!
I’m Ally! I am a third grade teacher, a personal trainer, and a group exercise HIIT and strength instructor! I grew up staying active through competitive gymnastics, but after multiple injuries I gave it up in high school. After getting out of an unhealthy relationship in high school, I fell in love with working out and taking care of my body (after all, it’s the only one I’m going to get). Working out and going to the gym became therapeutic and my escape from stress, and I loved trying new workouts and ways to spice up my workouts. I’ve done barre, Zumba, strength training, HIIT, cycling, and yoga! I love how many opportunities there are to exercise and keep your body guessing. Trying different workouts has also made working out more fun (even when you’re laughing through your first yoga class, trying to stay balanced in warrior 3).
When the pandemic started in 2020, I decided to get certified and expand my knowledge of fitness. I got ISSA certified in October 2020, and have since started my own online coaching and fitness challenges, as well as started coaching group exercise HIIT classes at the Harrisburg YMCA, and Build and Burn classes at Activ Fitness. I love sharing my love for fitness and taking care of myself with others, and helping my clients find time to meet their fitness goals when they think they don’t have the time. I still actively do HIIT, Barre, strength training, and yoga. I look forward to continuing to increase my knowledge of fitness and wellness to be the best version of myself I can be, while sharing my love of fitness with others!