305 Fitness Meets the QC

Everyone get ready to dance and break a sweat with 305 Fitness instructor, Brittan Lynch as she brings this wild and fun dance cardio format to the QC! Brittan is a Charlotte native. After a few years in DC post-college, she moved back to Charlotte and brought 305 Fitness with her! With zero dance background, she is now a certified instructor for the most
fun dance-cardio class where you are guaranteed to giggle a little and sweat a lot. She is so excited to be
a part of the SweatNET community and introduce you to her favorite fitness class of all time!

I fell in love with 305 Fitness when they opened their studio in Washington, DC in 2017. I was 2-years
postgrad at the time and trying to balance the “real world,” full of work and responsibility, while still
finding time to care for myself and my health. 305 Fitness classes allowed me to take a break from the
stressors in life and just have fun. The class has a Miami dance club vibe (305 is the Miami area code)
with easy-to-follow dance moves. While I have zero dance background, I loved the high-energy, crazy
class and always left with a smile on my face.

After moving to Charlotte and the pandemic taking place, I turned to 305’s online classes to keep me
going when I wasn’t sure how to best care for my mental and physical health. 305 got me through the
many months of lockdown, and I felt that I needed to bring this amazing class to the Charlotte
community. I completed the certification program and now teach the signature 45-minute dance cardio
class, driven by non-stop DJ mixes, combining dance, HIIT and strength work for a full-body experience
where you never watch the clock (it’s really that fun!) Check out our schedule to sign up for classes and
follow us on Instagram to stay in the loop on all things 305 Fitness CLT.

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