5 Healthy Holiday Habits

5 Healthy Holiday Habits

Staying on track during the holidays can be difficult – endless options of foods during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years can cause individuals to fall off course with their health and nutrition goals, including overeating, increased anxiety, decreased sleep, and much more.
Follow these tips and tracks to enjoy your holidays in a balanced way this year.

1. Double up on the veggies – opt for a second portion of veggies instead of the sweet potato casserole. Veggies are typically lower calorie and are more nutrient-dense than most items served at holiday meals. We recommend aiming to make half of your plate veggies at any meal, regardless if it’s the holiday season or not!

2. Bring a healthy version of your favorite recipe – there can be a lot of stress and anxiety over choosing which foods to eat when at the buffet line. Try making a healthier version of your favorite dish. This can help you to be more adventurous in the kitchen, and will allow you to know EXACTLY what you’re eating since you put the ingredients together.

3. Be mindful – THINK about what you’re putting into your mouth and body. Is it nourishing you? Is it something that you enjoy? If you answered no to both of these, then you might want to reconsider what you’re consuming.

4. Ask yourself if you’re still hungry -most people will double up on portions even when they’re not hungry. Take a step back before you get up from the table and ask yourself this question to see if getting more is the right call. A lot of times people are actually thirsty or dehydrated rather than hungry, so try half a glass of water before grabbing more grub.

5. Get sleep! – sleeping patterns often change during the holidays due to parties, family time, and increased alcohol consumption. Don’t forget to remember the importance of sleep for your body. Getting out of routine with your sleeping habits may result in a decreased mood, lack of physical activity, or overconsumption of food.

Allison Wood MS RDN is a registered dietitian and cofounder of the company Nourished Routes (www.nourishedroutes.com). Nourished Routes provides one-on-one or group nutrition counseling to their clients by utilizing a whole-food, evidenced-based approach. Reach out to allison@nourishedroutes.com to receive 25% off any nutrition counseling package by mentioning “SweatNet” today!

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