5 Things To Do With the 25th Hour In Our Day

5 Things To Do With the 25th Hour In Our Day

Over the past year I found myself saying, “I wish I had more time” or ” I wish there were more hours in the day”. Welp…it appears my Genie heard me and granted that wish (definitely not the way I planned).  So now I have what feels like so much extra time, but what should I do with it?  Do I sit on the couch, and watch every movie or tv show known to mankind or do I do more?

For me, I’m going to do more. I’ve taught my step kids that sharing is caring, and I’m ready to care and share!  So here I am sharing 5 different activities you can do with our “25th hour”.


Learn the Wim Hof Method Breathwork

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If you haven’t seen Netflix’s show The Goop Lab episode 2, stop reading this and go watch it now.  If you’ve seen it, we challenge you to download the Wim Hof Method app or check out the website to learn the breathing technique, and so much more!  I had the chance at the beginning of the year to be introduced to this modality of wellness, and it was a game changer for me!


Reconnect with Friends

Now’s the time to reach out to the friends you’ve been playing phone tag with or haven’t had the time to connect.  I’m sure they’re in the same boat as you with the added “25th hour” in the day!  Don’t just pick up the phone, make it a virtual happy hour or game night!


Redecorate and Organize Your Home with Stuff You Own

If you’re anything like me you fall victim to the newest interior decorating trends, come home with all these amazing purchases, and it seems like nothing matches or makes sense with each other.  Now’s the time to re-create your favorite HGTV show in your own home, and repurpose all the “stuff” you have to redecorate and organize.

This type of project shouldn’t be done in a single day but over a few.  I focus on one section a day ie. my bookshelf, utilize Pinterest, & the ‘gram for Inspo, “shop” my house for things I already own, and start my re-decorating journey!


Discover a New Gym/Workout

Every day when I open my social media platforms I get inundated with so many different fitness modalities.  I think this is the perfect time to “shop” what’s out there in the comfort of my home.  Once quarantining is over, I can then go and visit my favorite instructors/studios in person.  Another great option is streaming videos!  PC (pre-covid), if I didn’t have time to go to the gym, I wouldn’t go + I would skip a workout for the day. Now there are so many streaming opportunities including our SweatNET streaming service for members!


Pretend You’re On The Food Network’s Chopped

It’s time for a pantry prowl to be the next culinary success or a good attempt at it.  When scouring my pantry I have so many things like almond flour, coconut oil, chocolate chips, vanilla extract, and coconut sugar.  I bet I can make something delicious with these ingredients with quick Google search, and I’m sure you can too! Heck, I made my own homemade almond milk (thank you to Laura from Nourished Nutrition Consulting for the recipe), and I will NEVER buy store bought again!

I hope you enjoyed these different ways to utilize all the time we have.  Be sure to use this time wisely since we will never get these moments back.


With Love Always,


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