50 Minutes with ISI Ballantyne

50 Minutes with ISI Ballantyne

I joined ISI Elite Training in Ballantyne for their bootcamp workout, and holy $%*#…. If you haven’t tried a workout with them, then now is the time!

All it took was 50 minutes for Bekah to get my heart pumping and my body sweating. A LOT. This full body workout consisted of multiple EMOM rounds with either a 10 or 20 second rest in between each round. Or if you’re really wanting a challenge, you can do a plank instead of resting. I’m not going to lie, I chose to rest a couple of times. With a workout infused with tabata, cardio AND strength all in one, it’s okay to take a little break every once in a while!

What I loved about this class, is you’re doing it in a group setting so all of you are in it together. Yes, you’ll be tired, but Bekah does an amazing job at making you push yourself and to keep going. She challenges you in multiple ways by encouraging you to run a bit farther, squat a little lower, while also giving modifications if you need them. With this being said, you can count on burning up to 1,000 calories per session!

They have so many resources to help you along your fitness journey, including in body testing that’s free for members, baseline testing to see where you’re currently at, and also accountability check ups. They also have tons of giveaways! They offered me and a friend of my choosing a FREE 3 day pass to their facility as a token of their appreciation for joining their class.

I have recommended this class to so many people because of how amazing not only the workout is, but also the instructors. You can count on seeing me at ISI Ballantyne in my free time!