6 Things Your Yoga Teacher Wants You To Know

By: SweatNET

At CorePower Yoga, our teachers are a huge part of what makes our community so special. They lead us through practice, act as mentors and even become friends. Your yoga teacher is there to help you grow and have a positive experience every time you hit your mat.

We chatted with some teachers across the country to find out what they wish they could tell every one of their students.

1.) Your mat is a safe space. 

The Studio is truly a judgment free zone. When you hit your mat, don’t worry about falling out of a pose, taking child’s pose or skipping chaturanga – do whatever best serves you.

“Too many times I see yogis nervous to try new things because other students are around. Trust me, everyone on their mat is in their own world and not noticing what anyone is doing around them.” – Tyler S, CorePower Yoga Studio Manager, San Francisco

2.) Don’t be afraid to use props.

Using a block or a strap might feel different at first, but it can really change the way a pose feels in your body. The next time your teacher offers a modification using a prop, don’t be afraid to try it out.

“Props aid you in getting deeper into a posture and can help you with safer alignment.” – Cat M, CorePower Yoga Studio Manager, Denver

3.) It’s called practice for a reason. 

The nature of practicing something is doing it over and over again. Yoga is an ongoing learning process that offers endless possibilities for growth. Think of your classes as a chance to learn something instead of a test of your skills.

“Yoga isn’t a performance, a sport or something you can get perfectly right. It looks and feels different in every body, which is the beauty of it!” – Madeline H, CorePower Yoga Studio Manager, New York City

4.) We want you to talk to us.

At CorePower, teachers are scheduled to be at the front desk for 30 minutes before and after class. This is intentional to give you time to connect. Don’t be afraid to ask about a pose that you’re working on or a song you liked. Your teacher wants to talk with you and hear your feedback.

“We want to talk to you and for you to ask us questions. Yoga teachers are eager and excited to talk to you about anything.” – Claire E, CorePower Yoga Teacher, Denver

5.) Adjustments aren’t a bad thing.

Many CorePower teachers are hands-on and will offer adjustments throughout class. Don’t stress when a teacher gives you an adjustment it doesn’t mean you are doing anything wrong. Also, feel free to opt out of adjustments. Either talk to your teacher before class starts, or signal to them when they ask the class (this will be done at a moment when heads are down, so no one except your teacher will know).

“Our goal is to make yoga poses feel good in your body, whether that’s by supporting safety in your alignment or just helping you to relax into the pose.” – Sam L, CorePower Yoga Area Leader, Denver

6.) Leave your phone behind.

Yoga class is an opportunity to connect with yourself. Bringing your phone into the studio can disrupt your focus and distract others in class. Take time to disconnect with the outside world to get more connected with your body, breath and mind.

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