Al Foster Trail

Al Foster Trail

The Al Foster trail, located in Wildwood, lies within the Meramec Greenway and stretches from the trailhead on Grand Avenue to Sherman Beach.

The path runs 5.5 miles along the Meramec River and underneath limestone bluffs and tall trees, offering a good amount of shade in the hot summer months.

Al Foster is a popular spot not only for hiking but for mountain biking and horseback riding as well!

There are several trails that connect along this stretch of the Meramec Greenway including the Bluffview Trail, Rock Hollow Trail, and the Hamilton Carr Trail. These connections were made possible thanks to partnerships between Great Rivers Greenway, the City of Wildwood, and the St. Louis County Department of Parks and Recreation.

“We work with 270-something partners across the region,” said Anne Milford with Great Rivers Greenway.  “We could not do this work without partners so, we are fortunate.”

Kristen Carver
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