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I am a mom of two wild and crazy toddler boys. I’m also a pediatric RN, clinical instructor at CCAC, and will be (hopefully) taking my FNP certification exam in the next couple months! We’re huge hockey fans in our house (Let’s Go Pens), and we love spending time outdoors.
Since I’m crazy busy, workouts have always been a huge form of stress relief for me. I was a distance runner until we did fertility treatments in 2015, and I just recently started getting back into it within the last six months. During all my pregnancies, I continued to workout with strength training up until the day I delivered. I currently aim to run twice a week with added strength training and HIIT the days I’m not running. My boys have even gotten on the fitness train and will ask us to exercise with them. They’re fantastic 18 and 30 pound weights!

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SHAPE Training, Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA, USA