All About one of GR’s Oldest Yoga Studios

Hello SweatNET GR!
I would love to introduce you to one of GR’s oldest yoga studios. Cascade Yoga Studio opened it’s doors almost 19 years ago!! I think it’s safe to say we have some longevity in the community. At the time I was freshly out of college and trying to decide where my journey would take me (I’m aging myself!).  Also during that time I was working at the Physical Therapy clinic located in the shared building with Cascade Yoga.  When the studio opened, I instantly fell in love with the practice and knew I needed yoga in my life. That journey led me to take a Teacher Training (fun side note: at that time there were ZERO yoga teacher trainings in Grand Rapids and we all had to travel out of state to complete them). Long story short I have been at the studio since it’s doors opened. I love this place. It has been a crazy ride to come full circle by taking on the role of ownership of this amazing studio. Also as a busy mama of four young kiddos this yoga practice literally saves my sanity!
The unique thing about Cascade Yoga is in it’s longevity. It is a beautiful and sacred space that has nurtured and nourished so many hearts and souls over the years. The level of expertise in the teaching staff is like no other.  We have several teachers that have been on our staff since the beginning (or very near the beginning) which gives you an idea of the level of experience and expertise of our staff. The majority of our teachers have done their advanced 500 hour Teacher Training. These teachers dig deep into the study of yoga, and not only teach it incredibly well, but live it. This type of yoga reaches beyond yoga trends and really sustains through the course of time.
We offer a wide variety of classes for all ages and abilities. We have classes designed for  students recovering from injuries and/or illnesses, classes for those that desire to focus more on the meditative qualities of yoga, and you will also find classes with folks learning to do headstand and other inversions. We focus on alignment and mindfulness blended into the traditional practice of yoga by making it accessible for all students wherever you are on your journey.
We would love to meet you and help you find a class that is a good fit for you. We offer discounted drop in classes to all SweatNET members to let you explore our beloved studios’s offerings.
We also offer a variety of speciality workshops on topics like Ashtanga Yoga,  Inversions, Meditation, Fascia Training for Healthy Hips and Low Back, Partner Yoga, Yin Yoga, and Yoga Nidra.
Take a peek over at our website for more info on who were are.
-Jen Byrne

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