Ambassador Q+A: Chelsea Connerley

Ambassador Q+A: Chelsea Connerley

1- Introduce yourself- Give us your story!
 Hello! I’m Chelsea and I’m from Nashville! My story has chapters all over the place so I’ll give you the summary. I’m currently the Manager of Bluestem Wellness Nashville and a Personal Trainer at Iron House Strength & Conditioning in Hermitage. I also do freelance design work in my spare time. I have a Bachelor’s in Art History from MTSU and a Master’s in Museum Studies from Johns Hopkins…no I’m not using either degree in my current careers, but that happens, right? I have the coolest 6 year old boy, Jensen, who keeps me on my toes and is my forever sidekick. Oh, and I’m obsessed with Jim Carrey…he’s the best.

2- What are your top 3 tips to staying in shape?
    1) Consistency is everything.
    2) Enjoy what you’re doing! Fitness shouldn’t be torture. You’ll get more results when you love what you’re doing.
    3) Eat what you love and love what you eat…while being mindful of how it affects your body.

3- What are your favorite healthy snacks and healthy desserts?
I LOVE cookies and brownies so I make protein mug cakes with chocolate chips and it’s a great alternative! If you’d like the recipe, feel free to send me a message.

4- What is your go-to meal?
I’m a vegetarian so I eat a lot of Gardein veggie meats. I also love the Alexia Cauliflower Risotto. I make those together often and throw in a side salad. Bam! Delicious and healthy!
I also love sushi (avocado rolls and sweet potato rolls!)

5- What is your morning and night routine?
-Mornings consist of being woken up by my 6 year old. I stretch when I wake up because I have a terrible back and stretching is the only way I can function in the mornings. I put in my contacts, massage Rosehip Oil on my face, take my Vitamin D oil and Multi Vitamins, and put on makeup. We pack food for the day and head to work…although quarantine has mixed up our schedules quite a bit. We mostly take things day by day. We never forget to make a pit stop by Starbucks, though!

-My night routine consists of getting my son ready for bed with an epsom salt bath or CBD bath bomb, I read him a story or we tell jokes, and he falls asleep listening to The Beatles.
Then I get to have some ME time, something we all need. This includes a warm shower or CBD bath followed by Netflix and a massage with my Hypervolt for sore and tight muscles. Nights are when I get to catch up on my Netflix shows (send me your favorites!).

6- Favorite wellness products? (beauty, workout, clothes, supplements, anything!)
– I love Fabletics!! I have so many leggings from them along with a gym bag, shoes, sweat pants and the most comfy sweater ever.
– As for products, The Little Barn Apothecary has some wonderful plant-based skincare and beauty products.
-I also use Young Living Essential Oils daily. I use them for pain, stress, and, well, basically everything.
-I’ve recently discovered Ology Essentials. They have these incredible CBD bath bombs that transform my muscles and skin. I use them after a hard workout and my pain and soreness disappear!

7- Favorite ways to workout? Favorite studios?
I will always love weightlifting. It’s my go-to style of workout. Iron House is an amazing gym to push some weights. I’ve also added yoga and boxing to my routine. My favorite yoga studio is Shakti Power Yoga. And Title Nash is my favorite cardio workout!
I’m currently training for a GoRuck event this weekend so I’ve been adding rucking with a 20lbs rucksack to my fitness routine…and lots of walking/running!

8- Best life hack?
My life hack is more of a motto but it works: “Don’t worry, be happy.”
We don’t have time to stress, worry, and fret over every little thing in life so why not just let things roll off our shoulder and be happy! Being happy is way more fun anyways and you’ll be sure to love life 100x more.

9- Book, podcast or resource you recommend? And why?
I don’t read or listen to many health/fitness related resources but here’s what I’ve got for ya!
I mainly listen to true crime podcasts so if you’re into that, I recommend the following:
-The Last Podcast On The Left (vulgar, but educational)
-Without Warning
-Up and Vanished
(There are so many I love but these are my faves)

-I also LOVE The Office Ladies. Because…The Office, of course.

-I’m currently reading the Harry Potter books again. Who doesn’t love some good wizardry!

10- Where can we find you?? Shout yourself out!
Instagram: @chelseagymcarrey