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Andy Allen



Hey Everyone!! My name is Andy Allen and I am an online personal trainer for the start up app: Future! I am originally from Virginia where I pursued my bachelor’s and master’s in exercise physiology. After graduating with my advanced degree, I moved to Phoenix, AZ for just over a year where I fell in love with hiking and fortified my love for group fitness as I helped open up a boutique gym mid-pandemic!! Working out and having fun are my 2 most favorite things and lucky for me they go hand in hand!! I also enjoy being outside, hiking, playing volleyball, watching football, going to concerts, traveling, and almost anything where I can spend quality time with my friends.

Over the past 6 years I’ve been helping thousands of people work towards their exercise goals among several fitness settings and now I get to help boost up our local community as well!! Let’s crush those goals together; one rep at a time.

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