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Well hello, Audra here.👋 A Carolina girl at heart, I recently moved to the Tampa Bay Area from Asheville, NC. Beach girl at heart thoooo. Yoga, fitness and holistic health are my biggest passions, so I am thrilled to join SweatNET! I have been a yogi since 2014 and a yoga instructor since 2018. My favorite pose? Camel or wheel! I have a great appreciation for all things health and wellness and want to spread my love to help people feel better about their bodies and lives. I am currently working on my personal training and nutrition certifications so I can reach even more people to share my journey and help others.

When I am not practicing/teaching yoga, I am a social media coordinator at a tv station during the day and apply those skills to my own personal brand @audrago4th. My motto in life is to “go forth” and spread light + love wherever I go (my last name is Goforth so it’s quite fitting).

Business Location

SunState Yoga, Doctor Martin Luther King Junior Street North, St. Petersburg, FL, USA