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Audrey Hood



Hi! I’m Audrey – wife, mom of two girls, third grade teacher, and artist/ interior designer. Most people know me as “that girl with the pink hair” – it’s kind of my thing. 💗

I love using my social media as a tool to help moms like me take care of themselves so they can be their best for everyone else – because as moms, we do ALL. THE. THINGS.

After doing Dancing With The Stars of Charlotte (and winning crowd’s choice!), I’m using 2022 as the year of connecting with myself. I need to take my own advice that I give to all of my mom friends and take better care of myself. That means focusing on my own health and wellness – which is why I’d be the PERFECT fit for your SweatNET Ambassador Program!

Business Location

Charlotte Yoga, East Woodlawn Road, Charlotte, NC, USA