Bee Tree Park

Bee Tree Park

There are four different trails to choose from at Bee Tree Park in Oakville!

The Fishermen’s Trail is a gravel loop that wraps 0.8 miles around the park’s 10-acre lake.

The Cedar Trail is a short yet steep gravel path that can be found when on the Fishermen’s Trail. Take it or a little hill challenge that leads you right back to the Fishermen’s Trail.

The Paw Paw Trail is a half-mile hike through the woods, connecting the upper and lower areas of the park.

The Crow’s Roost Trail sits at the top of the park where there is a scenic overlook of the Mississippi River. The 0.8-mile route runs along the bluff and then downhill to the lake.

I recommend starting at the Fisherman’s Trail, then going up the Cedar Trail, returning back down to Fisherman’s Trail, turning onto the Paw Paw Trail, and finishing out on the Crow’s Roost Trail which will lead you back down to where you started! (2.2 miles)

Bee Tree Park is a St. Louis County Park and is open from 8 a.m. until 30 minutes past sunset. Fishing is allowed in the park’s lake, which is stocked by the Missouri Department of Conservation. The park also offers a playground, restroom, and several picnic sites as well as shelters.

Kristen Carver

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