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Brian Murray



In 2006, I was lost. I didn’t have the self-confidence or direction to figure out how to lose weight or feel better about my body. It wasn’t until I reached out to a coach for help that things really started to change for me. From 2008 until now, I’ve lost over 80 pounds and have improved my fitness dramatically, and I attribute that, in part, to having the right guidance to do so.

After realizing my potential as a coach and fitness enthusiast, I set out on a journey to learn from the best in nutrition, coaching, and exercise programming. Over the last decade, I have been fine-tuning my skills to help people transform from the inside out.

I started Motive Training because I saw gaps in how other trainers provided training programs, customer service, and coaching. I knew I could do it better, and Motive Training was born.

Our philosophy is simple: move with purpose. When you train with intent, great things happen.

A majority of coaching that takes place in Motive revolves around mastery of movement. When you step into our space, prepare to fine-tune the basics, work around pain, and feel better than ever before.

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435 La Grave Ave SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503, USA