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Caitlin Briant



Caitlin is an ACE-certified personal trainer whose mission is to make fitness accessible for everyone. She specializes in expanding your perception of what you can achieve, and working with clients who may not fit into a typical “fitness junkie” mold. She loves HIIT and teaching women about the benefits of strength training.

Her favorite HIIT exercise is Rocket Squats (also known as 3-2-1 squats) and she loves yelling “blast off!” during the squat jump portion. You’ve been warned.

Caitlin’s approach to personal training centers around positivity, encouragement, and empathy. She is inclusive and welcoming and loves providing one-on-one encouragement and support. She comes at fitness and personal training with a sense of humor and lightness, combined with grit and a go get ’em attitude. Let’s do this!

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Seattle, WA