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Caitlin McTigue

Entrepreneur passionate about empowering peoples' fitness and wellness journeys!



Born and raised in Columbus, OH and always active growing up, I started becoming more passionate about fitness when I started practicing Pilates after college and after a year of work travel and unhealthy habits – it was one of the first exercises that I really physically AND mentally connected to that made me feel successful! After that I started to gain more confidence and try new workouts on top of that. I have always been the person that isn’t afraid to go check out a new fitness studio solo, and will often drive all over the city to get to workouts and studios that I love, trying to convince my friends to come with me along the way! Now that I own my own Pilates studios, I have seen firsthand the power of someone finding a new fitness regimen that they connect with, whatever that regimen may be. I want people to experience new workouts, and to find what works for their body and their fitness goals to achieve happiness; I strive each day to create a supportive and cohesive fitness community not only in my own studios with our wonderful members, but overall in the 614 and am excited to be a part of the SweatNET community!

Business Location

Club Pilates, Yard Street, Grandview Heights, OH, USA