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Chelsea Sinke



2020 SweatNET ambassador!

I have never been a person who could just to a gym and walk on the treadmill, lift a few weights, and do all the crunches. I have tried to be that person many times, just not for me! I love variety, fun, calm, community, support, and positive energy! Which is how I fell in love with SweatNET events! I love having the opportunity to trying to workouts that I wouldn’t have tried on my own, I love the fun vibes that they bring to every event, I love that every event is open to everyone and for all levels of fitness, and  I love going to new venues or doing workouts out side in the summer time! They truly know how to make fitness and health fun and exciting, which is exactly what I need! 🙂 I’m so excited for all the upcoming events this year and to continue my health and wellness journey on a positive note!


Business Location

1031 Den Hertog St SW, Wyoming, MI 49509, USA