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Chelsea Stevens

Living life as if it’s rigged in my favor.



Hi! My name is Chelsea Stevens!

I’m thrilled to support SweatNET as an ambassador! Like-minded to SweatNET, I value community, showing local love, being active, and living well! My aim is not only to help people engage and be comfortable in the fitness space, but also to feel comfortable being genuinely themselves.

About me : I’m a wife, doggy mom and believer. I also firmly believe there is ALWAYS a silver lining! I was born in Arkansas, but I’ve moved enough to be considered a true gypsy. I’ve lived in Arkansas, Georgia, Utah, Indiana, Florida, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Tennessee and Brazil. My husband and I graduated college in Georgia and spent the next 3 years happily working in Boston before moving to Nashville in 2015. To this day, New England is one of my favorite areas of the country! I’m blessed with an AWESOME job in Cool Springs so if you need a lunch date in Franklin, feel free to reach out!

I love all things health, people, and fun related. Fun and connection are the two factors that draw me in and keep me firmly planted in the fitness world!

Balance is essential as well. While I aim to stay active, you can often find me eating a greasy burger and enjoying a beer with friends, old and new! Outside of the usual [fitness] suspects I LOVE mud runs and golfing. A good escape game can usually get my heart pumping as well ;).

Positive thoughts and living life as if it’s rigged in my favor,


Business Location

Franklin, TN, Mallory Station Road, Franklin, TN, USA