Continuing My One Year Membership – D1

Continuing My One Year Membership – D1

Hello my fellow fitness lovers!!

It’s been a while and things look a lot different than they did 6 months ago. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to work out at D1 in person for quite some time. However, they did a great job of posting workouts online! Additionally, they reached out individually and asked how they can be helpful to us during this time whether it’s accountability, nutrition, etc. I was thankful for the effort they put into connecting with their members while we couldn’t work out together in person.

Thankfully we were able to open outside and man D1 has the PERFECT set up to be outside! You just have to embrace the 500 pebbles from the field that will be stuck to your sweaty body after your hour workout 😂 I love working out outside more than I did inside!

Due to being outside, I the lifting class has not been offered yet but boot camp is my jam anyways! I love the variety of each day – sometimes it’s a team workout, other times it’s 3 short circuits, etc. You never feel like you’re doing the same thing over and over. It has been SO good to get into a routine and get back into shape after getting a little lazy during quarantine!

I feel so welcome every time I show up for a class by the staff and other members. If you’ve been interested in checking out D1, now is the time!! They currently have special outdoor offers running.

Hope to see you there soon ;)

Thanks SweatNET!

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