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Hey! I’m Courtney! I have always had a passion for health and wellness growing up as a military child and playing various sports up until my college career. I got my undergraduate degree in Exercise Science at VCU in 2018 which led me to be involved in many of my passions such as athletic training, cardiac rehab, and physical therapy. I have always emphasized to myself and others that finding a workout/routine/activity that doesn’t seem like a chore is where I found my best results because I felt more motivated. I found this especially once I moved to Charlotte and started going to F45 Southpark. It reminded me that being healthy and getting results can be fun with the right routine and community around you. I love to bring high energy, jokes, and motivation to everyone around me (I promise you’ll forget you’re working out when I’m around lol).

Outside of that, I have a mini schnauzer named willow that keeps me active. I love to be outdoors as well as try out all different kinds of workouts. I am also a big foodie, so you can find me at all the new restaurants and breweries in Charlotte trying out everything that I can.

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F45 Training South Park, Park Road, Charlotte, NC, USA