See What This Member Loves About Eat The Frog Midtown

See What This Member Loves About Eat The Frog Midtown

Member Spotlight: Carrie Veal 

Meet Carrie Veal, one of Eat The Frog’s original founding members and hear what she loves about her home studio and their signature FrogFit Nutrition program! Carrie was one of the first members when the Charlotte studio opened in November 2019 and it was then that she realized she wanted to further her fitness journey and joined the FrogFit Nutrition Program in January. With her hard work and dedication, along with the help from her accountability and fitness coaches, Carrie was able to make great strides by shedding fat and gaining muscle.

We asked Carrie: 

How long have you been a member at Eat the Frog? 

I was one of the first members of Eat the Frog in the fall of 2019.

What is your favorite part of the workout? 

The cool-down is my favorite, not because it means the workout is done, but because it gives me a moment to thank my body for the hard work it did, to reflect on how 50 minutes sets my intention for the rest of the day, and to notice where I pushed myself and where I need to keep pushing.

What type of workout is your favorite? Cardio, Strength or Agility? 

Strength! Even though I do not hit the “Red Zone” as often as in cardio, knowing that I am getting stronger, physically and mentally, is a big deal for me!

How has the new FrogFit Jumpstart program helped you with your goals?

It refocused my attention to what really matters. Yes, I want to look better, but I want to feel better too. Having a program that weaves nutrition and exercise together is a big deal. And the DAILY accountability with a coach is a huge help.

How has the program and workout helped you in your daily life during the crazy months of this past year? 

Having the “On the Go” workouts was a lifesaver! I need routine, and on the days when I might not feel like driving to the gym, I know I can still get a great workout designed by the same team. Knowing that my FrogFit Coach can see/know that I am putting in the work is also a big part of maintaining my goals. I feel better when I have no REAL excuse not to get things done!

Want to try Eat the Frog?? They will be teaching a pop up class at the Metropolitan on February 16th at 6PM, so head here to grab your ticket! Free for Members, $15 for General Public