Expectation vs. Reality: Chakti Yoga

Trying chakti yoga was an experience I will never forget! Why? Because it was an empowering,
strange experience. I had the expectations of a regular yoga class, but one with more focus on
the mind. I was told by a friend it is more spiritual and can connect you in a different way. So, I
set up my mat, took off my shoes, and prepared myself for a nice quiet yoga experience…
Well, that quiet experience was soon changed by the exciting, upbeat music being played just
before it began. My face lit up as I was surprised by the selection. The instructor began with a
spiel on how there was no judging, just do what you can and feel good about yourself. To which
I agreed as I looked around the room of what seemed like 100 people. I always try to challenge
myself with new experiences.
We started out slow in a few poses, but holy cow… I would rather call this class, twerk yoga.
The excitement and happiness of moving my body in ways I never have before was a thrill! I did
not expect to be thrusting my hips and booty popping during a yoga class before. It was
certainly different, but also made me feel happy. I felt the smile on my face the whole time! I
even giggled at myself throughout as I worked my stuff in a judge free zone. I ignored the ones
around me as I became focused on having fun and moving my body in ways I never imagined.
The music continued to guide me as I danced and held poses throughout.
After the class, I feel I had become more confident in myself and the things my body is able to
do. This is not your everyday yoga, and it does have a fun twist. Listening to the pop music and
the amazing teacher made it a great experience. Yes, I was in shock when we started, but I
certainly had fun in the end!
Stephanie Pope is the Founder and Owner of Poll to Pastern, a team of nationally certified practitioners that provide holistic pet care in NC. Their services include red light therapy, acupressure, and aromatherapy. In 2015, Stephanie achieved magna cum laude in her Bachelor’s in Science degree, Animal Science Specializing in Equines from the University of Florida. During her time at the University of Florida she enjoyed becoming involved in the equine industry, participating in agricultural clubs including Block and Bridle, Gator Collegiate Cattlewomen, and the Dairy Science Club. After college, she worked on large ranches as a wrangler. It was during these adventures she decided to give back the animals that had taught her so much: love, friendship, responsibility, confidence, trust, courage, and patience. Inspiring her to further her education and began practicing animal acupressure. She received her 300-hour Equine Acupressure Practitioner Certification by Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute and is nationally certified by National Board of Certification of Animal Acupressure and Massage. Then she added another amazing certification to her practice, Red Light Therapy for Animals. With the love of all animals, she went to complete the 300-hour Small Animal Acupressure Practitioner Certification, followed by the national certification. Along with providing individualized sessions to pets, she loves to share the information she has learned to help owners understand these holistic modalities by teaching acupressure clinics for horse owners and acupressure classes for dog owners!

The program training and the real-world experiences empower her to be able to restore balance to all horses and pets!

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