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Get Started

Get Started
What is more powerful than creating a vision board, manifesting your dreams, and looking at motivational quotes on Pinterest?


I am a full believer in the law of attraction, manifesting the life you want to live, praying about your desires, putting up vision boards, etc.

Listen—all those things are great, but without ACTION, nothing will get done.

I consider these methods “passive” when it comes to long-term and sustainable change. “Active” methods involve actually DOING THE THING.

This does NOT mean you have to go from 0 to 100, in fact…

I CHALLENGE YOU to go from 0 to 0.50 and build up from there.

Think I am crazy for suggesting that?

Hear me out-What do most people do when they get started? Let’s use fitness as an example:

Goal: “I want to lose X amount of pounds by X date.” You then proceed to write down starting weight, measurements, take before pictures, write down vision for the future and a journal entry. Then you a check-in on IG later with the # day 1 and a caption that reads, “follow me for accountability”.

Day 1 (probably a Monday): You wake up have # fasted cardio for an hour, have a black coffee after and plan to eat around 1pm because # intermittent fasting. It’s finally 1pm, so for “breakfast” you measure your egg whites and protein oatmeal, and frantically look through IG for HIIT workouts that burn fat quickly. After doing “HIIT” for over an hour, you scarf down a superfood salad with kale, blueberries, exactly 9 almonds, and organic/non-gmo chicken. Fast forward to dinner where you eat a protein shake you ordered by some sponsored fit-spo on Instagram that tastes like dirt, but has probiotics + BCAA’s + unicorn fairy dust so it’s worth it because # healthy goals.

Day 2: Your office caters Chick-Fil-A breakfast and you are so hungry from only eating 900 calories the day before, so you go on a binge fest.

…….It’s okay because # treat yo-self, you’ll just start again on next Monday.


Enough story time, here are some ways you can start doing the thing without the overwhelm and getting the most out of jumpstarting your new goals:

START SMALL — — I recommend starting with your habits. WE ARE WHAT WE REPEATEDLY DO. So, if you want to be a runner, RUN. If you want to be a weightlifter, LIFT! I think most of us start out with the mentality that once we repeat these habits X amount of times or for a certain period of time, we will finally become who we want to be. Instead, I want you to focus on one mindset shift first: tell yourself you are what you want to become, and then do it. Over and over, even when it gets boring. Which leads me to the next point:
TAKE IT ONE DAY AT A TIME — — If this is going to be life-long (which your health goals really should be), then buckle up, because this is a forever kind of thing. When it comes to setting new habits, I strive to take it one day at a time. With new fitness goals, aim to stick to a specific program for at least one month. If it’s not working then, then change it up or ask for help.** If you change up your workouts and/or nutrition every single couple of days or week, nothing will ever stick. Patience, my dear friend.
BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF — — This is the tough part. There is nothing more gut-punching than realizing YOU are the only person who has ever held yourself back. Yup… let that sink in. I’m not here to break you down, instead I am here to help you push past your self-limiting beliefs, and that is going to take getting uncomfortable. Take a moment, preferably when you’re in a more positive state, and take an honest look at where you stand when it comes to how disciplined, self-motivated, and consistent you are. You can also repeat this exercise with your career skills, your social skills etc. This is a self-review.
PICK A METHOD THAT WORKS FOR YOU — — Journal entries, tracking calories, accountability partners, using an app, etc. are all methods of keeping yourself consistent. This is an important step, and it’s going to be 100% dependent on you. Some people do really well with daily weigh-ins, for others, it’s too much of an emotional burden. For some people, pen and paper work, but for others, an app works best. Whatever it is, STICK TO IT. My favorite method is to get a calendar, pick one habit at a time, give myself a one month completion goal, and put a big X on the days I complete it. At the end of the month, I am ONLY allowed to complain that I didn’t progress if I can see that my completion score is above 80%.
YOU CAN’T MESS THIS UP — — Just. Keep. Going. You will fail. You will succeed. Then you will fail again. Keep going. As long as you do this, you will be father ahead than over 80% of people who don’t follow through. Change is not for those who want to be comfortable, so let’s get uncomfortable!

I want nothing more than to see you all succeeding. There is so much noise on the internet these days regarding health+fitness, and I want you to feel confident instead of overwhelmed. I am always here, whether we work together or not, to answer your questions. Reach out here or on Instagram. I hope my space on the internet will become a source for this confidence to grow, and a push for you to do the thing.

With lots of love,



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