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Hannah Tudor



Howdy!! My name is Hannah Tudor, and I am a transplant from Roanoke, VA. I moved to Denver over two years ago and absolutely fell in love with everything fitness that Colorado had to offer- from the 14ers to the studios! I grew up in a family of swimmers and did competitive swimming for 14 years. Now, I am an avid cycler and love hopping on the bike every day! I began my career in nursing as a Neonatal ICU and Eating Recovery nurse and am currently in my last 6 months of nurse practitioner school! I find joy and purpose in promoting physical health and also mental health. In 2020, my family and I  started a non-profit foundation for mental health promotion, suicide prevention, and counseling services available in VA. My goal is to embody and promote an overall well-being through mental and physical health. Can’t wait to sweat with you!

Business Location

Viv Cycle, Walnut Street, Denver, CO, USA