#*?$ Happens!

#*?$ Happens!

Let’s all go ahead and admit that we’ve made mistakes. We are human. It’s part of the learning process. How can you expect to learn anything if you do everything perfectly from the get go?

Ready for change. We all have an area that can use growth somewhere within ourselves. Be it  physical, mental or emotional… we all have that ONE thing.. or maybe it’s two or three things. Guess what, that makes you who YOU are MEANT to be. It sounds like I’m celebrating failure. I’m not. I celebrate the potential for growth and regrowth within each of us. Why do I say ‘regrowth’ you ask? Because this is a process and becoming stagnant in any state is never good. This is the part where you acknowledge your opportunity for growth, see it for what it is, and make a plan for how you are going to grow.

So what happens when we mess up? There can be negative consequences associated with the mistake, yes. But what about the positive? 

Let’s put this in terms of a New Year Challenge…  

Ask yourself:

What was the mistake?

Who did it affect?

Why did it happen? 

What can I do differently next time? 

Maybe you went to an event or gathering and had some cake. OK, today is today and tomorrow is still tomorrow. That happened today, and tomorrow is another opportunity to get it right. Don’t beat yourself up. Give yourself some grace and room to view mistakes as nothing more than opportunities for growth. 

Keep up the hard work!!
Wife, mother, coach, and busy professional. Firm believer that creating a positive impact in people’s lives through health and wellness leads to healthier individuals, families and communities. Head of Corporate Wellness at CrossFit 926.